Beverley Knight

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Date Published: 17/10/2023
Duration: 56:46
Season: 10

Today’s guest is the queen of British Soul, a West End superstar, and an Olivier-award winner – Beverley Knight. If you’ve ever swayed to the rhythms of Beverley’s songs like “Shoulda Woulda Coulda” or “Come as You Are,” you know that Beverley’s voice has the power to transport you to another dimension. But what about the destinations that have transported her? She’s also a seasoned traveler with a passport filled to the brim with stamps from around the world and today, she’s going to take us on a journey through her most meaningful travel experiences, from New York to Brazil, Jamaica to The Bahamas, with such passion, and clear love of travel – she’s got stories that will make your wanderlust soar!


So get ready to join us as we explore the world through the eyes and the incredible voice of the one and only Beverley Knight.


Destination Recap:

  • Datça Peninsula, Turkey
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • New York City, USA
  • Tea and Sympathy, New York City, USA
  • Sylvia’s, Harlem, New York City, USA
  • Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
  • Jamaica
  • London
  • Harbour Island, Bahamas
  • Chicago, USA
  • The Far East – Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, China


Beverley’s album, The Fifth Chapter, is out now.


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