Ed Stafford

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Date Published: 21/07/2020
Duration: 00:45:25
Season: 3

On today’s episode, I’m joined by the explorer and survivalist Ed Stafford. In 2010, Ed became the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon River, a feat that took 860 days and put him on the map as one of our most prominent and exciting adventurers. From there here’s gone on to present and self film more massive challenges, like living in complete isolation on a desert island for 60 days without food, clothes or equipment, or being left for dead in various extreme environments around the world from Madagascar to Mongolia. These became incredible TV series that I’ve watched religiously and couldn’t recommend more.

Ed is someone I’ve wanted to interview for the very beginning but like so many of my dream guests he’s normally always travelling so I was lucky to finally get this time to speak with him and I hope you enjoy what I think is a really raw and honest account of the spiritual and emotional development that comes with travel – as well as hearing about some inspiring destinations along the way.

Destination Recap:

  • Henfaes, Aberdaron, Wales
  • Leicestershire, England
  • Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England
  • Walking the length of the Amazon river
  • Olorua, Fiji
  • Argentine Patagonia
  • Northern Thailand
  • Ibiza, Spain
  • Antarctica

Ed’s new podcast, Dangerous Minds, is out now

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