Family Travel Special – 6 months & under, travel tips & more

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Date Published: 09/05/2023
Duration: 57:57
Season: 9

Welcome our first ever Family Travel special. I had my first child back in October last year, and it’s been you the listeners who have reached out to me in such overwhelming numbers asking for a dedicated family travel episode because there isn’t a ton of advice out there for new parents travelling with a baby, where to go what to pack – it can be quite overwhelming. So here we are!


Obviously, this episode might not appeal to everyone. So if you’re one of those regulars, please tune in next week, we’ll be back with a great celeb guest.


So how’s this going to work? My current plan is to release a family focussed episode each season that loosely tracks my own experience as a mother. Today we’ll be chatting with a bit of a focus on travelling with a baby up to around 6 months. Next season will then probably focus on 6 months to the toddler phase and so on. It won’t follow the usual 7 chapters but focus on things like travel tips, the best recommendations and bucket list destinations for that specific age group.


I’m delighted to be joined by two seasoned family travellers to guide me through this. Kate Leahy is an acclaimed travel journalist who spent ten years working in-house at The Sunday Times and now contributes to The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, and much more. Prior to a career in journalism, Kate spent five years working as British Airways cabin crew, often observing the logistics of parents travelling with children. Now mum to two-year-old twins, she’s putting everything she has learned along the way into making her own family travel memories.


Joining her is Frankie Collinson, who is the co-founder of the family travel start-up Tiny Travelship which provides vetted recommendations across all price ranges for both family specific and family friendly spots across the globe. They’ve just launched a new booking website and their Instagram has inspired a lot of my own Family Travel Bucket List!


Destination Recap


  • Greece
  • Monastery Estate Retreat, Crete, Greece
  • Caserio del Mirador, Alicante, Spain
  • Almyra, Cyprus
  • Daios Cove, Crete, Greece
  • Puglia, Italy
  • Ikos Resorts
  • Martinhal, Sagres, Portugal
  • Martinhal, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Marbella Club, Spain
  • Cretan Malia Park, Crete, Greece
  • Costa Rica
  • Casa Pineta, Elba Island, Italy
  • Australia


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