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Date Published: 13/09/2022
Duration: 1:04:59
Season: 8

Welcome to Season 8 of The Travel Diaries! And who better to kick off the season than national treasures Si King and Dave Myers, a.k.a. the Hairy Bikers. My first duo on the pod, they’ve been entertaining Britain with their TV shows and books for over twenty years. Their unique blend of foodie expertise, humour and motorbike enthusiasm has earned them national treasure status. And part of their success has been their foodie travel shows, where they’ve biked incredible routes across the world, while experiencing local cuisines like their Asian Adventure, Mediterranean adventure, and US route 66 series to name just a few.


I spoke to Si and Dave a little while back now – as you might know, Dave is currently undergoing chemo for cancer, and he spoke to me the night before his next round which he’d travelled down to London for. So to say I was truly touched that they took the time to talk about to The Travel Diaries is an understatement. One thing is for sure, the two of them adore travel, and this episode takes us from Namibia to India, Argentina to Estonia and many places in between.


Destination Recap


  • Bamburgh Beach, Newfoundland, England
  • Isle of Man, England
  • Portugal
  • Namibia
  • Madurai, India
  • Southern Italy
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Patagonia, Argentina
  • Valdes Peninsula, Argentina
  • Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria
  • Atlas Mountains, Morocco
  • Mexico
  • Ghats, India
  • Japan
  • Lithuania
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Talinn, Estonia
  • Finnish Archipelago
  • Southern Turkey
  • Macchu Pichu, Peru
  • Nigeria
  • Pan American Highway


Check out the Bikers’ podcast, Agony Uncles, wherever you get your podcasts.


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