Jack Savoretti

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Date Published: 20/09/2022
Duration: 55:13
Season: 8

On today’s episode we’re joined by one of the UK’s most successful singer-songwriters. He’s collaborated with everyone from Kylie Minogue to Bob Dylan and Nile Rogers, and recently sold out Wembley Arena – we’re joined today by the utterly delightful and extremely talented Jack Savoretti.


Jack had a truly international upbringing, moving from London to Switzerland, and spending idyllic childhood summers in Portofino, Italy, where his father’s family hail from as well as on a remote Bahamian island – it’s a rather enviable childhood I have to say.


It was a slow-burning rise to fame for Jack as a musician, who toured the UK for several years, all the while his fanbase grew and grew and it was his sixth album, Singing to Strangers, that finally hit the number one spot, and his most recent record, the sun-soaked and star-studded Europiana – which frankly couldn’t be a better talking point for the podcast, as it was inspired by his European upbringing and life – that was also a chart-topper too and it was really interesting to hear the story behind that.


This episode is a love letter to the Mediterranean as well as a few spots farther afield, but as the night’s draw in here in England, I hope this injects a bit of sunshine into your day.


Destination Recap:


  • Liguria, Italy
  • Formentera, Spain
  • Oxfordshire, England
  • Lugano, Switzerland
  • Ascona, Switzerland
  • Hotel Eden Roc, Ascona, Switzerland
  • Portofino, Italy
  • San Fruttuoso, Italy
  • Pierre Island, Bahamas
  • Abu Dhabi
  • South America



Jack Savoretti’s latest single Dancing Through The Rain which is taken from Europiana Encore, a special extended edition of his chart topping album, Europiana, is out now.


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