Kate Humble

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Date Published: 31/10/2023
Duration: 1:18:19
Season: 10

Growing up around farms and wildlife, TV presenter Kate Humble has always had a fascination for nature. After leaving school, she travelled solo to Africa; working her way from Cape Town to Cairo. On her return to the UK she began working for TV production companies, as a runner, then researcher on ‘The Holiday Programme’. It was on her second day in the Holiday office when she was asked by the programme’s editor if she had ever presented before. “No,” she said “and nor do I want to.” Kate has been presenting programmes for over 20 years ever since, as well as writing articles and books, many with a focus around travel. In fact, she has become a beloved mainstay of British television, having presented some of our most iconic shows, including Springwatch & AutumnwatchCountryfileLambing Live, and many, many more.


We spoke at The Chelsea Townhouse, a new opening by Iconic Luxury Hotels, the brand behind some of Britain’s most legendary properties, like Chewton Glen and Cliveden. Tucked behind one of London’s most fancy shopping districts, Sloane Street, we sat in one of its homely suites, overlooking it’s lovely garden and towering treetops – an unusual find in the heart of London.


Kate is what I would consider a true traveller. She is someone who sets off with pure wanderlust, with a map and hiking boots, and gets stuck in wherever she is heading. She tells us about an extraordinary five weeks spent with a tribe who live north of Timbuktu in the Sahara Desert trading salt; tracking clouded leopards in Borneo and hiking through Afghanistan. And closer to home about life in the Welsh Wye Valley, and her beloved escape in rural France.


Destination Recap:

  • Wye Valley, UK
  • Corfu
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • South Africa
  • Cameroon
  • Timbuktu, Mali
  • Saharan Desert, Mali
  • Limousin National Park, France
  • Borneo
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar
  • Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan
  • Siberia, Russia
  • Walking across Japan
  • Glyndŵr’s Way, Wales
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Albania


Kate has a new book out, called Where the Hearth Is: Stories of Home, which interestingly is all about home, questioning the notion of home, is it a tangible place or a state of mind? And considers the views of others living uniquely, extraordinarily and happily. It’s a fascinating and comforting read, which I thoroughly recommend – a great Christmas present.


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