Rachel Khoo

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Date Published: 03/09/2019
Duration: 00:34:00
Season: 1

Rachel Khoo is a cook, writer and TV presenter, who first rose to fame with her bestselling cookbook, The Little Paris Kitchen, a collection of recipes tested from her little Paris kitchen!

The book was soon developed into her first TV series, and Rachel quickly became known by food lovers the world over, with several cookbooks and TV series that followed.

Now, she lives in Stockholm with her Swedish husband and two children, and it’s this new beginning that’s served as the inspiration for her latest project, The Little Swedish Kitchen.

Destination recap:

  • Austrian border
  • Lech, Austria
  • Paris, France
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Little Brothers Bakery – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Brazil
  • Cornwall, England


You can watch Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen on Thursdays at 9pm and 9.30pm on Food Network.


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