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Date Published: 18/10/2022
Duration: 45:41
Season: 8

On today’s episode I’m joined by one of British TV’s most famous faces, Richard Hammond. Stepping into the spotlight over twenty years ago, Richard became one third of the iconic trio to front the BBC’s motoring show, Top Gear, alongside James May and Jeremy Clarkson.


The show went on to become the world’s most watched factual TV programme – as proven by the Guiness book of records – at its peak 350 million viewers around the world were tuning in each week. The show saw the trio travel all over the world to take on epic motoring challenges, which they’ve since continued on The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime, where the three embark on car related challenges across the world.


Now when I say these shows have taken Richard all over the world, I’m not exaggerating: the filmography includes Norway, Canada, Botswana, Vietnam, Chile, Argentina, Namibia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, India, Madagascar, Mongolia – and that’s only half of them. Richard recounts some of these epic adventures on today’s episode, taking us from Canada to Botswana, to Bolivia, as well as to some much loved spots on British soil.


Destination Recap


  • The Forest of Dean, England
  • Biblins Campsite, Ross-on-Wye, England
  • Coast to Coast walk across England
  • Buttermere, Lake District, England
  • North Magnetic Pole, Northern Canada
  • Botswana
  • Mozambique
  • Canadian Forest
  • Cambodia + Vietnam road trip
  • Mikadikadi Salt Flats, Botswana
  • Kubu Island, Botswana
  • Bolivian rain forest
  • South Pole


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