Travel & Leisure’s Jacqui Gifford

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Date Published: 25/08/2020
Duration: 51:35
Season: 3

Today, I’m joined by Jacqui Gifford, the Editor-in-Chief of America’s biggest travel magazine, Travel & Leisure. With a circulation of almost two million and an online readership of nine million, the magazine has always inspired me with its incredible covers, breathtaking photography and moving features, and Jacqui will absolutely inspire you with this episode. Having lived all over the world, and specialising in travel and lifestyle content for two decades, she has so many wonderful destinations in her travel diaries for you to add to your travel wish list. From Anguilla and Mexico to Bermuda and Puglia, speaking to me from NYC, these are the travel diaries of Travel & Leisure’s Jacqui Gifford.


Destination Recap:


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